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Grand Voyage with Africa 2022 Introduction of participants |Grand Voyage with Africa 2022 参加者紹介

The cultural exchange programme Grand Voyage with Africa,
co-organised by UNESCO and the Nara International Film Festival,
is finally scheduled for June 2022 after being postponed from 2020!

Grand Voyage with Africaが2020年からの延期を経て


ブルキナファソ、ケニア、ナイジェリア、セネガル、南アフリカのアフリカ5カ国から選ばれた、21歳から35歳までの女性映像作家10名と、日本から1名を招致し奈良市に所在する、大和ハウスグループ「みらい価値共創センター コトクリエ」にてレジデンスを行う予定です。


Ten female filmmakers aged between 21 and 35, selected from five African countries – Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa and one Japanese filmbaker – will be invited to take up residency at Daiwa House Group MIRAI KACHI KYOSO Center “Kotokurie”in Nara City.



We have received video diaries from 9 participating filmmakers and would like to introduce them here.


Floriane Zoundi
ブルキナファソのテレビ番組のディレクター兼脚本家。「”ディレクターはオーケストラの指揮者のようなもの “と言われます。新しい技術を身につけ、他の人の仕事を見、仲間に耳を傾け、共有したいのです。」
director and scriptwriter for television in Burkina Faso. “They say a director is like a conductor of an orchestra. I want to gain new skills, watch others work, and listen and share among my peers.”









Fama Reyanne Sow
Senegalese director and screenwriter. “I want to create strong women characters so the youth in Senegal can have heroines to admire.”










Delphine Yerbanga
Director and producer at Burkina Faso’s public national television. “This residency will be a creative process that can show me how to grow an idea and give birth to a tangible film.”









Awa Moctar Gueye

Senegalese director of five documentary, docudrama and fiction films. “Today, we attach so much importance to appearance. I want to capture a different kind of beauty, beauty in opening up to and accepting others.”








Mayowa Bakare
Nigerian scriptwriter and assistant director. “There are not enough stories about women told by women. I will explore a different narrative for the stories we tell of ourselves.”








Joan Kiragu

Award winning Kenyan documentary filmmaker. “This residency offers an international platform for the voice of women. I will be an ambassador pushing forward the agenda whilst making stories that matter.”








Uren Makut

Nigerian director and producer, creator of a training centre for young filmmakers. “Women have always had a presence in filmmaking but have consistently been in the background. They are highly creative and will do amazing things when encouraged.”








Okuhle Dyosopu
South African documentary film director, founder of an independent production company. “Women are the best kept secret in the film industry. I am the change I want to see.”








Lydia Matata
Kenyan film director, screenwriter and journalist. ‘Filmmaking is like life, an eternal lesson. I want the certainty that what I seek through my work as an African woman filmmaker is important to other women like me who exist somewhere.”








Yang Takae Kwi-hae
梁貴恵 (ヤンキヘ)
Japanese Filmmaker.” During 2 weeks we’ll find ourselves in an open-minded community as a female creator and will share a strong bond.”