NARAtive 2010 - 2020

Shiho, 28 years old, separated from her mother when she was little. Since then, she lived with a trauma at heart. After a long time, she finally goes to see her mother, who does not respond to Shiho warmly. Shiho’s wretchedness upsets her more and more. Before long, however, she is suddenly informed of her mother’s death by a traffic accident. From that moment she gets confused with her position of “her mother’s guarantor,” which, of course, she does not like. Living her life with great depressions in her mind, she goes to a cooking school once a week, and it becomes her emotional mainstay. One day after the school, she meets a wood craft artist, Makoto, in Tawara. After the encounter with Makoto, she finds a small happiness in her life. But their peaceful days didn’t last long. Embraced in the bosom of the nature of Nara, with 1400 year’s history. Shiho and Makoto will see…

  • Director:Toyoko Yamazaki
  • Japan
  • 2010
  • 60min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese
  • ENG Sub.


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues


Sep.22 (Thu.) 10:00-
Bus Terminal

* Only If there are vacant seats, direct entry on site is also possible.

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Toyoko Yamazaki

Toyoko Yamasaki was born in Osaka in 1975. After graduating from Visual Arts College in Osaka, she got a job at company which produced TV shows, and founded an independent filmmaking company, “Okoku.”At the 13th Nagaoka Asian Film Festival, she won jury’s special award.

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