NARAtive 2010 - 2020

A Korean Film director, Kim Taehoon plans to shoot his new film in a small local city called Gojo, Japan. He travels with his assistant director, Park Mijeong to do research prior to scriptwriting. They travel through several villages that are declining, and interview some local residents there. Most people say there is nothing special about Gojo. Along the way, Kim and Park meet a municipal official, Yusuke and a middle-aged man, Kenji, and are deeply impressed by their stories. The night before director Kim is to leave Japan, having a strange dream, he wakes up in the middle of night, and looks up at the night sky in Gojo.

  • Director:JANG Kunjae
  • Japan, Korea
  • 2014
  • 96min.
  • monochrome, color
  • DCP
  • Japanese, Korean
  • ENG Sub.


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues


Sep.22 (Thu.) 15:30-
Bus Terminal

* Only If there are vacant seats, direct entry on site is also possible.

JANG Kunjae

Born in South Korea, 1977. Jang Kunjae majored in Cinematography at the Korean Academy of Film Arts (a.k.a. KAFA). His feature debut EIGHTEEN (2009) won the Dragons & Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival. The film was invited to many international film festivals, including Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires. His second feature SLEEPLESS NIGHT (2012) was presented in over twenty countries as well as receiving prizes and awards from the Jeonju International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Festival des 3 Continents. He established his own production company, MOCUSHURA, which has produced all of his features. Currently JANG teaches filmmaking at Yong-In University as an assistant professor.

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