Grand Voyage with Africa

The director of this film, Yang, is just another ethnic minority in Japan. She hopes younger generations won’t struggle with their own identity and can live as what they are in the way they want. In this short documentary, alongside her visual essay, she talks to random people in Nara from the street to the city hall, to explore what diversity is like today, but this time focusing on ‘foreigners and Nara’. She starts with a simple question such as, “the number of foreign residents living in Nara city” – Can you guess?

World Premiere
  • Director:Yang Takae Kwihae
  • Japan,Korea
  • 2022
  • 11min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese, English
  • -


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“The majority is the people who don’t have to care” This is a quote from a sociologist. Minorities, who are outside of ‘the normal’ society, sometimes notice minor things, and get upset or hurt by them. And majority tend to say to them, “You are being sensitive”. I feel the necessity to remind myself that I could become the one who ignores ‘small stuff ’ and might end up hurting someone. They say a society without diversity is still immature. I want to keep filming and interacting with people and hope to show where our society stands as a whole by delivering diverse voices on my productions.
Yang Takae Kwihae

Filmmaker and editor born in west Japan to a Korean family, Yang’s creative interest has been in immigration and “alternative ways of life”. She originally majored in Spanish studies and then learned documentary filmmaking in London. In her graduate doc, UTOPIA (2018), she stayed in Marinaleda village in Spain on her own, and communicated with and filmed the villagers. It was screened at five festivals both domestically and internationally. For the last couple of years, she’s been working on a new project, ‘My Awkward Relationship with the Nations’ with her friends. Her recent biggest curiosity goes to Puerto Rico and Kenya.

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In Japan, which is trying to accept more foreign tourists, how much are foreigners living in Japan recognized? The author raises this question from his own experience, and asks about the distortions in society with humor.

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