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Finding peace is a therapeutic film. In a world where more and more people are in depression, where people live in automatic mode, on antidepressants, and in a moment where the Covid has put the whole world on pause, the Senegalese director tried to explore, to question and to experience the Japanese culture: meditation, zazen, yoga… In this beautiful and peaceful city of Nara, full of temples, spirituality, surrounded by nature, she tries to know how to find peace, in a world in constant movement, where we are all in pursuit of money, power or fame.

World Premiere
  • Director:Fama Reyanne Daniele Sow
  • Senegal,Japan
  • 2022
  • 10min.
  • color
  • -
  • French, Japanese
  • -


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This film is probably the most personal, and the most spontaneous I've had to make. I really lived each moment with a lot of emotions and I really learned a lot. I am a person who doubts a lot, who doesn't do anything unless I have prepared it a lot. And this experience really made me go out of my comfort zone, on all levels. I learned a lot from Naomi Kawase, who without directing us or stopping us from anything, gave us a lot of little tips that will be very useful in our life as directors. I call it a therapeutic film, I don't know if it's something that people will feel, but that's really how I experienced it, it's not completely polished, it's not perfect, but it's there and it's probably the most honest film I've done so far.
Fama Reyanne Daniele Sow

Of French-Senegalese origin, Fama Reyane Sow is a writer, director and producer based in Dakar, Senegal.
With the desire since her adolescence to work in the world of cinema, she returned to Dakar after five years in France. She trained for a year at Sup’imax, an audiovisual school in Dakar. Then she decided to train by working on the shootings directly.
In 2015, at the FESPACO, she won a prize with her feature film script “Satché”
She then became assistant director for Alassane Sy, and worked on the short film “Marabout” which won the award for best short film at the Carthage Festival in 2016/2017. She is also assistant director for Joseph Adesunloye with the feature film “White color Black”, and also for the American director Idil Ibrahim with “Sega” and many other productions in Senegal.
She created her production company in 2017, and started working in the institutional sector, for various national and international companies and NGOs.
And also produces a lot of fiction scripts and concepts for TV games and cultural programs.
In 2020, she directed her first short film “Anonymes” produced by Omar Sall of Cinekap, with 6 other Senegalese directors from the Up ‘court métrage program. The film was selected for the Dakar court festival in December 2020, for the Vue d’Afrique festival, and for Fespaco.
In 2021 she directed for Raes a mini-series edutainement, spin-off of C’est la vie, which deals with illegal abortion “Omerta à Ratanga”, as well as another mini-series made in Njamena in Chad “Au pays des Sao”.

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This is a film that nourishes the tired mind and body. Please enjoy the words and beautiful images that heal people.

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