Grand Voyage with Africa

By definition femininity (also called womanliness) is a set of attributes, behaviours, and roles generally associated with women and girls. In A Performance on Femininity we are invited in an intimate conversation between two women from different parts of the world. They share their views on what it means being a woman and the burden that come along with it. Bare witness to a conversation with conflicting views on the socially perspective of womanhood.

World Premiere
  • Director:Okuhle Dyosop
  • South Africa, Japan
  • 2022
  • 10min.
  • color
  • -
  • English, Japanese
  • -


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I wish to live in a world where we are all granted the the freedom to be our true selves. I personally know how it feels to constantly wear masks. I long for freedom so much everyday I fight for it. In A Performance on Femininity I fight for women all over the world who had to constantly perform for society. We are all worthy to be accepted for who we truly are. I affirm all of us, You Are Worthy.
Okuhle Dyosop

My name is Okuhle Dyosopu I am a documentary filmmaker from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Film for me is necessary to inform generation after generation of their history, the genesis of their people, their winnings and their failures, so we get to carve progressive identities that grow and become better each generation. I am invested in the stories of young South Africans because they are the solutions, but they are also the most neglected in the country. I would like to use my ability of filmmaking as a form of reflection on our stories to celebrate our fighting spirit but also recognise the damage we have endured in those battles. I live the stories I tell, I am the voice of the unheard youth of South Africa. In my 5 year experience in film I have produced a six part series documentary for SABC the South African national broadcaster. Of which an episode called Land and Identity was part of the Encounter’s International Documentary Film Festival and the Rapid Lion festival.

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