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Kikuichi Cutlery has an over 750 year old reputation of family tradition of fine craftsmanship.
This 9 minutes documentary shares briefly the story of the first female CEO of the historic legacy.

World Premiere
  • Director:Mayowa Bakare
  • Nigeria,Japan
  • 2022
  • 9min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese, English
  • -


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"I am on a mission to capture stories of women to project and promote their process through life whilst inspiring everyone who is able to watch this documentary. When I first visited Japan, I couldn’t help but observe how conservative the Japanese people are. Japanese people are extremely hardworking yet, I never heard anyone talk about their works or accomplishments. You always have to ask them. When it was time to commence my project, I decided to make a film about Japanese women who work tirelessly and diligently with one purpose. To serve whilst writing their own story and making a mark in history without even knowing. Working hard may be the normal way of life of Japanese women but in Nigeria, where I come from, every hard working woman is a symbol of hope to a girl child."
Mayowa Bakare

Mayowa Bakare is a Nigerian filmmaker. After obtaining a diploma in Performing and Media Arts, She started her career as a Script Supervisor before moving up to work as an Assistant Director. In 2018, Mayowa produced a feature film “Oga Bolaji” which did rounds in prestigious film festivals around the world like Real Time Film Festival, New York African Film Festival, Nollywood Week (Paris), Zanzibar International Film Festival, etc.
Mayowa has over 10 credits to her name as Script Supervisor/Assistant Director on Blockbusters film and Tv productions like KING OF BOYS, NAMASTE WAHALA, OLOTURE, MTV SHUGA NAIJA,NETFLIX ORIGINAL’S BLOOD SISTERS, amongst others.

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This work is about traditional crafts, inheritance of the family business, and the shape of the family. traditional crafts, inheritance of the family business, the shape of the family, and many other issues that we can all think of. Some of these issues are women and Japanese society. It is very interesting that the main character, a female president, tells her life story in an unexpected way.

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