NARAtive 2010 - 2020

One day, one mother (Kaori Momoi) to be hospitalized in Tokyo arrives at Kashihara city, Nara. The reason she comes up to Nara is to find her son. But the only clues she has are her memories and some pictures in the digital camera which her son forgot in the hospital in Tokyo. After the long journey of finding her son, what his mother finds is nice friends, the beautiful nature of Nara, and her own deep love to her son. Suffering from the terminal cancer, she tries to find but misses him…
This is just a family love story in Kashihara, but the theme is universal.

  • Director:Zhao Ye
  • Japan
  • 2010
  • 60min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese
  • ENG Sub.


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues


Sep.22 (Thu.) 10:00-
Bus Terminal

* Only If there are vacant seats, direct entry on site is also possible.

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Zhao Ye

Zhao Ye was born in 1979 and graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2004. In the same year, he directed a short animation film “Cai Wei-Weed Picker.” In 2007 he directed the first long film “Ma Wo Jia” which was released in many film festivals, and also won a prize in China. In 2008 his second film “Jalainur” won Fiprescif Prize at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival. The film was also screened at Vancouver International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and so on.

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