We will screen 11 films, divided into 4 programs, A~D. Program A will have 4 films, B and C will each have 3, and D will have 1 film. Please be aware that the start time for each film's program is listed next to the film, and not necessarily the specific time that film will start.

Tokyo Girl

Program A

It seems like this era will come to an end soon. The era ends, but I don't. Even if the era changes, I won't probably won't. Today I pressed command-C on yesterday and then command-V, it was that kind of day. There's nothing I need to leave, but I'll keep talking. When the mumblings of Tokyo girls end, that's when the era has changed.

Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep. 20 )12:00~ Sep. 21 15:00~
Evans Castle Hall

Guest Talk Session After Screening


Director:Nebiro Hashimoto

  • Japan
  • 2019
  • 8min
  • Color
  • Japanese
  • ENG Sub.

所属校 東京ビジュアルアーツ|録音 飯島奈々|制作 鈴木彩音|キャスト 柊まこ

Born in Gunma Pref. Since age 18, he has been writing his thoughts of the day in a journal. He wanted to give some form to those thoughts, and entered Tokyo Visual Arts with goal of getting into film. His current film, Tokyo Girl, has received a wide variety of reactions, from “This kind of thing isn't a film.” to “I had lots of feeling that I couldn't say to anyone, but this film showed that I can let those feelings out, and I feel saved.” .

Director’s Statement

This film is the words of a woman living in Tokyo, talking to herself. Why is she talking? Is she talking because she wants to? In those words are the past, the present, the future, joy, sadness, regret, resignation, wishes, desire... Perhaps these feelings crammed into a young woman's daily life are the mumblings of the creator themself. If you can, please feel something from this film.