Red Carpet Opening Ceremony

The red carpet will be rolled out at Todai-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After praying to the Daibutsu for world peace with our guests, we will have our Opening Ceremony at Kasugano-enchi.


This will be the Japan premiere of Tracing Her Shadow, a film created and completed through our NARAtive project, in which we have a young, up-and-coming director set a film in Nara.

International Competition

We gather films from young filmmakers from around the world. This is a competition where we show the great works that have passed our strict selection process.


A competition for films made by students from all around the world. Nominated films also receive high praise at film festivals in other countries as well.

Invitation Films From Cannes

We have had a partnership with the Cannes Film Festival since 2016. We will screen films from the Short Film Category and Cinéfondation (student film category).

Youth Jurors Program

Participants in our Youth Jurors Program will serve as jurors for films recommended by Berlinale Spotlight Generation and the ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia.

Youth Filmmaking Workshop

We invite a film director to serve as an instructor for junior high and high school students, who plan, shoot, edit, and screen their own film in this workshop. We will screen their completed film.

Youth Cinema Intern

Youth Cinema Intern is a program for teenagers to learn how to distribute and promote a film. We will screen Silent Rain, the film that the youth interns promoted and advertised on their own.

Catalan Focus

In partnership with Institut Ramon Llull, a public organization that promotes the culture of Spain’s Catalonia, we will screen six films made by women directors from Catalonia.

Special Screenings

We will screen five films featuring or recommended by film people connected with NIFF. We hope you enjoy the wide-variety of films.

Shrine and Temple Special Programs

We will screen films at Kasugataisha Shrine and Todai-ji, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Please discover your treasure through our films, at these places where so many people have prayed.

Nara Art Night

Nara Art Night is an evolving art team of expressionists who share the goals of the NIFF, and who bring vibrant color to the town of Nara with all of their individual expressions.

Online Programs

With live streaming of the Red Carpet and talk sessions, and paid online access to films we will screen, you can participate in the NIFF from your own home.