What’s your

トレジャーハント Treasure Hunt

Nara International Film Festival has now entered its tenth year this year. In Nara, there are many treasures, such as history, nature, shrines, temples, and living things. This year, as COVID-19 has raged and severed all of our connections, we realized that our treasures have been all of the people we’ve met in the last ten years, and the connections we have with them. Treasures are different for every person, and they are something we hold in our hearts. What’s your treasure? Please come visit Nara and find that answer.

*This festival will follow strict safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please read here for the details.


With the screening of films and other events, all programs will be held at a number of stages within Nara City.

Here is some information about how to access those venues.