We will screen 11 films, divided into 4 programs, A~D. Program A will have 4 films, B and C will each have 3, and D will have 1 film. Please be aware that the start time for each film's program is listed next to the film, and not necessarily the specific time that film will start.


Program C

Yan is a second child born during the One-Child policy. To avoid government punishment, Yan's parents hid their oldest daughter in the countryside and raised Yan as a girl. Yan struggles with his gender identity, being an outcast in a conservative society. His sole escape is drifting his father's old taxi.

Japanese Premiere

Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep. 20 17:00~ Sep. 21 12:30~
Evans Castle Hall

Guest Talk Session After Screening


Director:Bo Hanxiong

  • USA
  • 2019
  • 18min
  • Color
  • Chinese
  • JPN & ENG Sub.

School:UCLA | Main Casts: Sanming Han, Junxiong Wang, Jiali Wang, Bowen Hu | Screenplay: Bo Hanxiong | Producer(s): Lisu Wu, Summer Yang, Luxi Wang, Yirui Guan | Cinematographer: Joewi Verhoeven | Sound: Peggy Duan | Editor: Yinong Xia, Bo Hanxiong | Mix: Peggy Duan, Nathan Nuyle | Music: Mingxu Huang

Hanxiong Bo is a filmmaker born and raised in Beijing and based in Los Angeles. His latest short film Drifting premiered at the 67th San Sebastian International Film Festival, was a Student Academy Award Semifinalist.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a film for the younger generations. By showing the way of expressing love in an ordinary Chinese family, I tried to portray the people’s lives, which is “drifting.” The film was premiered at San Sabastian the 67th International Film Festival. I hope you enjoy it.