We will screen 11 films, divided into 4 programs, A~D. Program A will have 4 films, B and C will each have 3, and D will have 1 film. Please be aware that the start time for each film's program is listed next to the film, and not necessarily the specific time that film will start.

The Sound of the Safe

Program C

Days of youth left on video. Nostalgic photos. As I reminisce about the house where I spent 15 years of my girlhood, I have questions about the safe my father found when he rebuilt the house. He stubbornly refused to open it. My mother divorced that kind of father, and I interviewed her to paint a picture of my family from a different angle.

Japanese Premiere

Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep. 20 17:00~ Sep. 21 12:30~
Evans Castle Hall

Guest Talk Session After Screening


Director:Clara Saunier

  • France
  • 2019
  • 23min
  • Color
  • French
  • JPN & ENG Sub.

School: La Femis | Screenplay: Clara Saunier & Lamara Leprêtre-Habib | Producer(s): Orane Gibier | Cinematographer: Adrien Lhoste | Sound: Ange Hubert, Orane Gibier, Laura Chelfi | Editor: Clara Saunier | Mix: Lucas Marie, Emma Zimmy

Clara studied literature in La Sorbonne and entered La Fémis in the Editing department. At La Fémis, Clara edited about 10 short-movies, including Winter Sun by Liang Hong-Kaï, and Intercontinental by Louis Hans-Moëvi, both selected at the Clermont Film Festival 2019. The Sound of the Safe is her graduation film.

Director’s Statement

This is a very personal film using a model of my childhood house that I left after my parent’s divorce. With the model I was able to tell a story that happened to our family: the discovery of a safe. I tried to depict the passing of childhood and how people could be shaped by their family.