We will screen 11 films, divided into 4 programs, A~D. Program A will have 4 films, B and C will each have 3, and D will have 1 film. Please be aware that the start time for each film's program is listed next to the film, and not necessarily the specific time that film will start.


Program A

Ayumu, a 23-year-old part-time detective. One day, his older sister visits him for the first time in 10 years. His sister wants him to look after her daughter, Hikari, from August 9th to the 14th. Ayumu has just met Hikari, and now has to look after her. Ayumu and his niece, Hikari. Their life has a strange kind of distance. At the same time, Ayumu works as a detective, investigating the background of a man.

World Premiere

Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep. 20 12:00~ Sep. 21 15:00~
Evans Castle Hall

Guest Talk Session After Screening


Director:Koki Yonezawa

  • Japanese
  • 2020
  • 25min
  • B&W
  • Japanese
  • ENG Sub.

所属校 名古屋学芸大学|撮影 栗林朋加|照明 長谷川竜万|録音 佐々木情次|助監督 澤田周吾| プロデューサー 澤田周吾|記録 笠原響|制作 稲垣泰生|キャスト 黒住尚生・仲西りん

Born and raised in Mie Pref. He studied Media Creation - Film Media for 4 years at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences. No longer able to go to high school, he discovered the fascination of film while at home, and strived to make his own films. This film is modeled after himself, and was created when he was a Junior at his university. He is currently writing the script for his next feature film.

Director’s Statement

In this film, Ayumu is always like “someone else, somewhere else”. Like his mind isn’t present. There is a distance between him and the rest of the world, like it’s “unrelated” to him. Perhaps this is exactly me, myself. That’s why in this film, the main character was forced to face an unavoidable difficulty. I wonder if this will lead to something changing for him?