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The Wolves of the East


Japan, Uk, Switzerland, Brazil, Cuba / 2017 / DCP / 79min / Japanese with English subtitle

Director: Carlos M. Quintela (Cuba)
Location: Higashiyoshino Village, Nara

The village of Higashi Yoshino is known as the place where the extinct Japanese wolves were last seen over 100 years ago. Carlos and his writer partner Abel Arcos visited the village for the first time in March 2015, and spent a month there to research about the village and write an original screenplay. They were inspired by the story of the extinct Japanese wolves as well as the movie "La Novia De Cuba," the story about a Japanese sailor who falls in love with a Cuban revolutionist, and the new film "The Wolves of the East" is positioned as a sequal to "La Novia De Duba." A highly distinguished Japanese actor Tatsuya Fuji plays the main charactor Akira, along with other professional and non-professional actors including some local villagers.

Here are some "behind the scene" pictures.

-4347.jpg -4403.jpg -5091.jpg
Local shrine in Higashi Yoshino

A ceremony to pray
for the safty and success
of the film was conducted.

Carlos discussing
with other staff
-4820.jpgのサムネイル画像 -5200.jpgのサムネイル画像 S__29884419.jpg
Carlos discussing with
Mr. Fuji before shooting
This shop sign was
handwritten by Naomi
Kawase, the producer.
Aerial shot using a drone
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