August 2017Dogs Without Names

A dog's happiness depends on who he gets as master. When I saw what reality was for dogs, I turned on my camera.


This is a moving documentary drama about nameless dogs and the people who saved them. A television director, HIsano Kanami (Kobayashi Satomi) is devastated by the passing of her beloved dog Natsu due to illness. Then an esteemed senior movie director, Shibuya Nobuko suggests to her that she should film a movie if she has got time to grieve, and Kanami starts filming a movie with life of dogs as a theme. She goes to adoption centers and shelters caring for dogs within the 20 kilometers "red zone" of the Fukushima nuclear accident. She was greatly shocked there. Encountering people thoroughly devoted to the daily struggle of saving as many lives as possible, she is tremendously moved. She realizes that this is no time to grieve and she has to do anything she can do. She resolves to do something important.


August 4(Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00

5(Sat) ★14:00/18:00

6(Sun) 11:00/15:00

★Guest : Director Yamada Akane

Born in Tokyo. She created many works as movie director, novelist, stage director and drama scriptwriter,
TV director, and so on. Her representative works are Subete wa umi ni naru(movie, 2010, Stars: Yagira Yuya, Sato Eriko), Baby Shower(Shogakukan Inc), Shimauta GTS(Shogakukan Inc), Majimena watashi no fumajimenaaijo(TokumashotenInc),
etc. By herself she covered the reality that there were dogs being euthanized, and produced The Happiness of Mucchan ?
the checkered fate of the dog affected by the disaster in Fukusima- (NHK, September of 2014), The Woman Who Sleeps
with 1,000 Cats (The Nonfiction・Fuji Television,March of 2015), and so on.


Nara Women’s University auditorium

※A carpark is not available


Adults:1000 yen

The citizens of Nara City:500 yen

Seniors(age 60 and above):500 yen

Students:500 yen

Disabled persons:500 yen

Care providers for disabled persons(One only):500yen

※In each case, please show identification

Ticket sales start 1 hour before the screening - first come first serve

Ticket valid for one screening only

※Cinematheque Members & Red Carpet Club Members : Unlimited access to Nara Cinematheque monthly screening


2015 / Japan / Color / 107 minutes

Director:Yamada Akane

Cast:Kobayashi Satomi, Kamikawa Takaya, Aoyama Misato, Imamura Saori, Shibuya Nobuko, Fuji Satoshi


Organizer:NPO Nara International Film Festival Committee

Supported by:Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Nara Women’s University

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