July 2017Premiers Crus / First Growth

One Bottle of Wine brings Happiness to the Broken Family


Charles, who left his hometown of Burgundy at the age of 20, becomes the author of a hugely successful wine guide in Paris. One day his satisfying life suddenly changed drastically. Charles returned to his parents' house while his parents' winery was on the verge of bankruptcy and a step away from being purchased. He is reunited with his father after a long absence. His father couldn't forgive him because Charles abandoned his family. Charles also despised his father who adhered to the family percept that wine making should be family-run. However to release their family business of winery means to lose their home filled with their memory. Charles decided to rebuild this winery by himself after much worrying. He has great tasting ability, but he is a complete amateur about cultivating grapes making wine. Charles used traditional methods of wine production despite the objections of his father. Supported by his younger sister and her husband, and his old friend Blanche who was the daughter of top-class winery his old in the neighborhood, he gradually grasped the essence of making wine. Charles faces many hardships, but worked pretty hard through trial and error. Seeing him like that made his father's mind change. When this family member's heart became one, one bottle of wine was produced. Can it save this family?


July 7(Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00

8(Sat) 14:00/18:00

9(Sun) ★11:00/15:00

★Guest :Kume Hiroaki from Winenooujisama, a Belgium beer specialty store

Profile : Vice-Manager of the Nara branch, the Japan Sommelier Association; Manager of Winenooujisama; Sommelier approved by the Japan Sommelier Association; Certified JBPA Teacher under JBPA Belgium beer professional master


Nara Women’s University auditorium

※A carpark is not available


Adults:1000 yen

The citizens of Nara City:500 yen

Seniors(age 60 and above):500 yen

Students:500 yen

Disabled persons:500 yen

Care providers for disabled persons(One only):500yen

※In each case, please show identification

Ticket sales start 1 hour before the screening - first come first serve

Ticket valid for one screening only

※Cinematheque Members & Red Carpet Club Members : Unlimited access to Nara Cinematheque monthly screening


2015 / France / Color / 97 minutes / Japanese subtitles

Director:Jerome Le Maire

Original title:Premiers Crus

Cast:Gerard Lanvin, Jalil Lespert, Alice Taglioni, Laura Smet

Distributor in Japan:THE KLOCKWORX

Organizer:NPO Nara International Film Festival Committee

Supported by:Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Nara Women’s University

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