It's the heartfelt Japanese Sake documentary film portraying struggles of "3 MEN OUTSIDERS" from Britain, America, and Japan." The attractiveness of Japanese Sake crossed the ocean!

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Philip Harper, the first non-Japanese Toji (Master Brewer) from Britain is selling new kinds of sake products one after another. John Gauntner, the world's leading sake journalist from America Continues to appeal throughout the globe the deep world of Japanese sake through workshops and writing books.

Kuji Kosuke who is a young president of a century-old sake brewery 'NanbuBijin' in Japan is telling about the fascination of Japanese sake around the world. His sake brewery is located in Iwate Prefecturewhere the Great East Japan Earthquake hit and caused great damage.

This film presents challenge and conflict of these 3 men outsiders with very different backgrounds. This film will surely take you into the spectacular world of sake! KAMPAI! FOR THE LOVE OF SAKE is a 2014 film made by crowd-funding and directed by movie-journalist Mirai Konishi.


May 12(Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00

13(Sat) 14:00/18:00

14(Sun) ★11:00/15:00

★Guest : Yoshida Kayo, the president of Umenoyado Brewery

※The first 20 people will be accepted a gift ‘Nara Premium Cold Sake’ This gift campaign will begin 1 hour before the start of each movie.

Nara Premium Cold Sake : A common brand was established by 6 sake breweries (Harushika, Hoshuku, Shohei, Umenoyado, Mimurosugi, Shojo) 3 years ago. This brand is being appealed to the entire country of Japan. ‘Nara Premium Cold Sake in summer’ will go on sale in late May.

Sponsored by IZUMIYA Co., Ltd.


Nara Women’s University auditorium

※carpark is not available


Adults:1000 yen

The citizens of Nara City:500 yen

Seniors(age 65 and above):500 yen

Students:500 yen

Disabled persons:500 yen

Care providers for disabled persons(One only):500yen

※In each case, please show identification

Ticket sales start 1 hour before the screening ? first come first serve

Ticket valid for one screening only

 ※Cinematheque Members & Red Carpet Club Members : Unlimited access to Nara Cinematheque monthly screening


95 minutes / 2015 / Japan・America / Color / Some English with Japanese Subtitle

Director:Konishi Mirai

Cast:Philip Harper, John Gauntner, Kuji Kosuke

Distributor in Japan:SYNKA Creations Inc.

Organizer:NPO Nara International Film Festival Committee

Supported by:Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Nara Women’s University

August 2016Ode to My Father


Set during the Korean War in 1950, a young boy, Duck is separated from his father and little sister. Fleeing from now Hungnam, North Korea with his mother and younger siblings as refugees to Pusan, Duck is forced to leave his childhood early. The young boy struggles to fill the role of his father as the sole provider for their family. He works relentlessly at a coal mine is West Germany, volunteers as a soldier in the Vietnam War, leading an austere and harsh life with menace at every turn. Through the globally tumultuous period, Duck never strays from his loyalty and love for his family and never fails to flash a heartwarming smile. Ode to My Father is a tale of a boy with a fiery spirit and his journey to keep his family safe.



(c)2014 CJ E&M Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Distribution:CJ Entertainment Japan


August 12 (Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00
August 13 (Sat) 14:00/18:00
August 14 (Sun) 11:00/15:00


Nara Women’s University auditorium Kiyauo-yanishi city, Nara
(8-min walk from Kintetsu Nara station)


On-the-day ticket: 500 yen
Ticket sales start an hour before the screening - first come first serve


127 minutes / 2014 / Korea
Director: Yoon Je-kyoon
Starring: Hwang Jung-min, Yunjin Kim, Oh Dal-su
Japanese subtitles

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