Okinawa Focus

Where is the line that separates you and me? With the earnestness of the viewpoint of the people involved, let’s notice, be made aware, and get started. The director, who was born and raised in Okinawa, assumes the existence of a psychological boundary between Okinawa and mainland Japan, and begins making documentaries that pursue it. What emerges from the words and faces of the people he meets there is not only the political history of Okinawa and mainland Japan, but also a wealth of ethnographic investigation and a small history of each individual living there. Watching this film, or even in everyday life beyond the film, one can inevitably realize how divided and isolated people are even inside of Okinawa and Yamato, which are separated from each other. Inside Okinawa, the anti-bases and the pro-bases are at odds across a road, and the same thing happens on the mainland. Solidarity can only begin from a sincere look at this hopeless situation, which should be called “Oki/Nawa/YaMa/To” or “O/Ki/Na/Wa/Ya/Ma/To”.

Sentence: Hideo Yuki (Writer, Projectionist)

  • Director:Kenta Higa
  • Japan
  • 2014
  • 99min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese
  • -


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Kinsho Hall

* Only if there are vacant seats, tickets are available at the door.

Kenta Higa
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