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My Mexican Bretzel

As Kharjappali says “we live searching for ways to forget our vulnerability,” if not through Lovedyn, through tequila, butter, a lover, God or war. – Vivian. With no character voices, the story portrays the text of Vivian’s diary. This unique, bittersweet drama captures us with literal and visual beauty.

Japanese Premiere

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Director:Nuria Giménez

  • Spain
  • 2019
  • 73min
  • Color
  • DCP
  • Spanish
  • JPN & ENG Sub.

Writer: Nuria Giménez | Main Casts: Frank A. Lorang, Ilse G. Ringier | Screenplay: Nuria Giménez | Producer(s): Bretzel & Tequila, AVALON P.C. | Cinematographer: Frank A. Lorang | Sound: Jonathan Darch | Editor: Cristóbal Fernández and Nuria Giménez

World Premiere : Locarno International Film Festival 2020 Winner of Found Footage Award

Giménez studied Journalism, International Relations and Documentary Filmmaking and gained her knowledge from filmmakers she admires; like Isaki Lacuesta, Virginia García del Pino, etc. Her short film, Kafeneio, was presented at DocumentaMadrid 2017 and MIDBO 2017. My Mexican Bretzel is her first feature.

Director’s Statement

When I found the film reels in my grandfather’s basement I was sure I wanted to do something with them. Apart from the beautiful and unique images, I could clearly see there was a story hidden between the layers. With the use of new writing and filming I reconstructed memory, giving it new life.