Online Programs


An online program where you can enjoy films from wherever you want.

Connect with people all around the world, and enjoy films from wherever you want with this online program. COVID-19 has separated many of us in this world, but it is because of this situation that the NIFF is taking on this new challenge. From home or out and about, everyone can participate in this film festival from wherever they want.

Live Streaming

We will be streaming many of our programs live online, like the red carpet at Todai-ji (World Heritage site), the opening ceremony at Kasugano-enchi in Nara Park, and talk sessions with guests. Everyone will be able to watch and listen.

Screening Dates,

Each day

Screening Films Online

Some films screened at our festival will be streaming online for a limited time, and for a small fee. This will be the first release in Japan for many of these films. From a place of your choice, watch movies that can only be seen here, and dive deep into the story.

Screening Dates,

Sep. 19 - Sep. 21

NARA’ ndez-vous

World Heritage site Kohfukuji Temple’s Chukondo, reconstructed for the 8th time in 2018. It is because we are in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic that Naomi Kawase will host a secret guest, and together send a message out to the whole world, all from this front garden that has been reconstructed after every disaster since it was built in 710 AD. Titled NARA’ndez-vous, you’re welcome to join this nighttime date in Nara!

Screening Dates,
Times, and Venues

Sep. 19 21:00〜 Sep. 21 0:00〜
Kohfukuji Temple Chukondo front garden