Think on HOME (9/18 18:30~)

A filmmaker Naomi Kawase and Riten Tanaka from Kimpsen-ji temple in Yoshino will discuss “HOME”, followed by the screening of “3.11 A Sense of Home Films” that are directed by filmmakers around the world in dedication to the victims of the earthquake which occurred on March 11th 2011.

~Talk Session on HOME~

kawase_naomi2_2011.jpg Naomi Kawase x Riten Tanaka  tanaka_riten.JPG

~3.11 A Sense of Home Films~

Film project dedicated to the victims of Tsunami and earthquake which occured on March 11th, 2011.
Presented by the Nara International Film Festival Organizing Committee
In association with Yamagata International Documentary Film Fesitval & Sendai Short Film Festival

<<Participating Filmmakers and Artists>> *20 filmmakers/artists

-Victor Erice

-Jia Zhangke (China)

-Apichatong Weerasethakul(Thailand)

-Ariel Rotter (Argentine)

-Zhao Ye(China) *NARAtive 2010 Filmmaker

-Pedro Gonzalez Rubio (Mexico) *NARAtive 2011 Filmmaker

-Kaori Momoi (Japan)

-Toyoko Yamasaki (Japan) *NARAtive 2010 Filmmaker

-Naomi Kawase (Japan)

and so on.








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