Nara Art Night 2011

~Illuminating an evening in Nara with Art Projections~

Art Projection is an artistic video installation project created by the intersection of time, place and space, utilizing Seiko Epson Corporation's latest technology.

We will create an ephemeral artistic experience in Nara-machi Center, the main venue for the Nara International Film Festival 2011 Pre-Fiesta, and the 52 Steps of Sarusawa Pond, where the red carpet events took place during the Inaugural Nara International Film Festival in 2010.

We hope that you will join us in this unique opportunity to enjoy projection art on the steps of the World Heritage temple Kofukuji in the beautiful dark night of Nara.


What is an Art Projection?

Art Projection is an artistic form that involves using a projector to project artistic videos onto various objects.  Using a large, technologically advanced projector, artists project video onto a variety of objects, regardless of whether they are 2-D or 3-D.

It is possible to project videos with great freedom onto a variety of architecture and landscapes without being limited by size or location.

Don't miss this very special opportunity to experience an innovative spatial art, Art Projection!


Theme –


The 52 Steps of Sarusawa Pond

The 52 Steps of Sarusawa Pond is a historic landmark that connects Ko-fukuji Temple and Sarusawa Pond, adorned by the view of the five-storied pagoda of Ko-fukuji in the background.

We will express the cultural values represented by the steps through video projections.


Nara-machi Center

It's hard to miss the red carpet at any film festival.

One could even say that the sight of celebrities walking the red carpet is the symbol of film festivals.

We will re-create the red carpet through video projections.

After participating in the Pre-Fiesta, please walk on the red carpet created by the video projection and enjoy feeling like a star!

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