We'd like to introduce our favorite Nara more to the world

Nara is the place of the deep traditions and solemn prayers. It also preserves the unique and rare scenery with the harmony with the beautiful nature. We are aiming to make Nara, which used to be flourished as an international, cultural and economic center, to become an "international, cultural and touristic city".

Promotion of young human resources

We will create "Nara International Film Festival" by reviving the scenery and culture of the ancient capital Nara together with the people who love Nara and film director Naomi Kawase, who lives in Nara and the grand prize winner of the 60th Cannes international film festival.

Also, we are aiming for promoting local young human resources with ability of international communication and love for hometown by holding international exchange events here in Nara. We are aiming for a film festival with hospitality which makes film lovers and people from all over the world to feel like gathering to Nara.

Effect for promotion of local industries

We will promote tangible cultural properties and intangible cultural assets which have been developed in the unique natural features of Nara, long history and tradition, and the local industries such as "Washi"-Japanese paper, "Sumi"-calligraphy ink, "Sarashi" traditional breached cloth domestically and internationally through networking and producing events and products in the international film festival and promote the lives of local people and local industries. During the film festival, we will


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