Naomi Kawase, a movie director living in Nara, who won the grand prize of the 60th Cannes Film Festival in 2007 has kept making films featuring her hometown Nara and continued sharing Nara with the world through her films. Nara is proud of her status as an international figure who has been invited to more than 40 international film festivals all over the world including Cannes.

After experiencing the deep reality and the meaning of film festivals all over the world, Ms. Kawase proposed to hold the Nara International Film Festival to revive the culture of the ancient capital of Japan. Some local volunteers who agreed with these principles gathered to establish the Nara International Film Festival Committee, a non-profit organization. They are preparing for the film festival with support from companies mostly from Nara and from the government, also with donations of a minimum of 10,000yen each from individuals.


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