It was incredible. It moved my heart.

Anyway their attitudes toward challenging films are beautiful.

Their courage, energy, intellectual power to invent something beyond knowledge.

I've been longing for this kind of scene for long and that's why Momoi, myself had been wondering around the world, so I felt like "what? It was in Japan, especially here in Nara."

Actors surely live certain life through their experience after participating this kind of films, and they start to regret to die and to become happy to live all of a sudden.

Fixed dialogue was "Did you see a blue truck?"

And I just kept walking and asking the question to people in Nara along the way.

The dialogue was something which was born unexpectedly and dropped as footprints of life. I was supposed to only keep walking the path along with the guidance of the God.(Ms. Naomi Kawase was a wonderful Miko-shrine maiden- as I heard.)

Actors will realize that they need a beautiful body to be guided and trust.

Momoi's body which seems like seeing through a half of my life to have gotten used to be a lost child tends to wander around in a mountain that she made a lot of trouble to the staffs and people in Nara. Thank you for the ones who helped me.

However, present Momoi has started learning to belive in people as she trusted the Godess of Nara. I'll try to see you again next time with a better body. In every aspects, I was defeated by Nara. Cheers for Nara!

That film, well, all the films seem to be something to offer to the God as dance, a votive picture of a horse.

I'm excited to talk again with the director Zhao Ye what kind of Nara he traveled, as we watch this "Last Chestnuts" in Nara International Film Fesitval.

I miss all.

Kaori Momoi / actress, "Last Chestnuts"

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