Ticket Information
Information about Advance Online Tickets, Advance Tickets, Same-day tickets for the screenings on site, and Paid Online Viewing.
*Tickets may already be sold out.
Purchase Online Tickets
Purchasing Advance Online Tickets will allow you easy access to the screening site.
Purchase tickets through “PassMarket”
Once you decide on a film you would like to enjoy, go to “PassMarket” on your computer or smartphone. Search for “Nara International Film Festival,” register as a member, and purchase a ticket. Now you can visit the screening site and enjoy the film!

Purchase tickets by clicking “Advance Online Ticket” on each film page
Click on the “Advance Online Ticket” button on the page of each film, and you can purchase e-tickets for that film.
Purchase Tickets by Phone
Only those who are not able to purchase tickets online for some reasons can purchase tickets by phone.
Call the film festival office and reserve your tickets, then pay in cash on the day of the event.
If you are unable for any reason to purchase the ticket through “PassMarket” and “Advance Online Ticket,” it is possible to reserve your tickets by phone. Call our office at the number below (weekdays 10:00-15:00).
Purchase Tickets at the Screening Site
Same-day tickets are sold at each screening site.
Cash-only payments on site.
Same-day tickets can be purchased at the screening site if seats are still available on the day.
Payment is accepted in cash only.
Enjoy Films Online
Some films will be screened online.
More information will be available soon.
NIFF Supporters Club Members
The members of the NIFF Supporters Club can receive a free Online Ticket by entering the discount code into the payment system.
*Online viewings are not included.
Join the “Nara International Film Festival” Membership and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy unlimited access to films screened at the festival.
The “Nara International Film Festival” Membership offers unlimited access to all on-site screenings of the Nara International Film Festival 2022. You will also have unlimited access to the monthly art film screening, “Nara Cinematheque.” *Members will be required to enter the discount code into the payment system.