Privacy Policy

For the NPO Nara International Film Festival Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) handles different information.In order to respect the value of this information, the Committee strives to establish and thoroughly implement an information management system.The Committee shall make every effort to protection individual information with the following matters in mind at all times.

Observance of Laws and Regulations

The Committee shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of individual information in the handling of personal information, the obligations set forth in the guidelines of the competent minister, and this policy.

Purpose of Use

The Committee shall handle individual guide only within the scope of information and administrative communications, except with the prior agree of the Person or as an exception as permitted by laws and regulation.


The Committee shall endeavor to keep the individual information entrusted to it accurate and up to date within the scope of the purpose of use, and shall take necessary and appropriate safety management measures to protect it from unauthorized access and leakage.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Committee will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the agree of the individual.

Information Disclosure Regulation

The Committee shall respect and respond in good faith to right request for disclosure, correction, or delete of individual information from customers, or reject to use or provide such information.