(C3) [Hometown Lullaby]

Naoto, who has been wandering in a big city for a long time, always remembers that Takumi treated him kindly throughout his painful childhood. However, Takumi faded away from his life without a trace, which was very hard for Naoto to come to terms with.
Naoto returns to his hometown to look for Takumi. Standing in the place where these memories were made, his memory mingles with reality and everything seems to return to the beautiful old days.

Kansai, Japan Premiere
  • Director:LIU BO
  • Japan
  • 2022
  • 48min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese
  • ENG Sub.


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep.22 (Thu.) 10:00-
Evans Castle Hall

Sep.23 (Fri.) 18:30-
Evans Castle Hall

*Only if there are vacant seats, tickets are available at the door.
Guest Talk

Sep.22 (Thu.) 10:00-
Sep.23 (Fri.) 18:30-
After screening

On Demand


As time goes by, we lose some memories. We must learn how to leave behind the past we can't face, bad relationships or the feelings we can't let go of. For those of us wandering the world, like Naoto, we still have memories in the back of our minds which give us some moments of peace.

Musashino Art University

Recommendations from the NIFF Supporters

Everyone has a sweet and comforting memory lying in a corner of their heart. The director’s thoughts are transformed into a dramatic film the past, which we forget day by day, into a dramatic film. Dark and stoic images. Long, vividly depicting memories. The one cut seems to transform the stories of others into the memories of the audience themselves.



Shin Su-won

Her first feature Passerby #3 (2010) won the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival. Short film Circle Line (2012) won the Canal+Prize in 65th Cannes Critic’s Week. Pluto(2013) second feature, won a special mention of Crystal bear 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. Her sixth Hommage (2021) was premiered at 34th Tokyo international film festival and is on the journey including Jeonju, Tribeca, Sydney film festival and many film festivals.


CEO ONGAESHI Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mituru Mulai

After serving as the director in charge of human resources at Recruit (currently Recruit
Holdings), the president of ⑭Recruit Agent, and the president and chairman of Recruit
Global Family Hong Kong, he became the fifth chairman of the Japan Professional
Football League (J. League), the first appointment from a private company. He
completed four eight-year terms and is now an honorary member. CEO of ONGAESHI
Holdings Co., Ltd.

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