(A3) [May You Rest In Peace]

In China, keeping human remains perfect, as per tradition, is believed to be the best offering for those who have passed away. This is why many people in poor regions or rural areas who suffer from educational inequalities, reject the idea of donating bodies to science. On the other hand, in new cities like Shenzhen, more and more people accept these donations and quite a few young people offer to donate their bodies after death. Today, the gap between those who follow the traditional idea and those who understand the modern system, is widening in China.
This film follows Gao Min, China’s leading coordinator for body donations, as he works and describes how painful it is to live, die, love, and say goodbye, through the stories of three body donations.

World Premiere
  • Director:LI XIONG
  • Japan
  • 2021
  • 45min.
  • color
  • -
  • Chinese
  • JPN & ENG Sub.


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep.21 (Wed.) 10:00-
Evans Castle Hall

Sep.23 (Fri.) 13:00-
Evans Castle Hall

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Sep.21 (Wed.) 10:00-
Sep.23 (Fri.) 13:00-
After screening

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At first, I was worried that my content was poor after each day of shooting and even thought about retaking some scenes, but as I discovered more about body donations, my ideas changed and I wanted to focus more on describing how wonderful Gao Min was. During the filming, I saw many applicants pass away and each time I felt pain and witnessed their families' grief, which made me feel a sense of ‘会者定離’ (those who meet, must part). During the editing stage, I chose the footage of the most raw, vulnerable moments and did not add narration so that I could show the harsh reality as it is. The message of the film is told through the main character's philosophical monologue in the final scene.

Japan Institute of the Moving Image

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A documentary about body donation in Shenzhen, China. A woman who faces donation as a medical worker The film shows how a woman, as a medical professional, supports the donor and her family while she is still alive. The family members, who are there for the sake of medicine, are also upset when they face the death of a relative. The film depicts such a situation without any explanatory narration.



Shin Su-won

Her first feature Passerby #3 (2010) won the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival. Short film Circle Line (2012) won the Canal+Prize in 65th Cannes Critic’s Week. Pluto(2013) second feature, won a special mention of Crystal bear 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. Her sixth Hommage (2021) was premiered at 34th Tokyo international film festival and is on the journey including Jeonju, Tribeca, Sydney film festival and many film festivals.


CEO ONGAESHI Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mituru Mulai

After serving as the director in charge of human resources at Recruit (currently Recruit
Holdings), the president of ⑭Recruit Agent, and the president and chairman of Recruit
Global Family Hong Kong, he became the fifth chairman of the Japan Professional
Football League (J. League), the first appointment from a private company. He
completed four eight-year terms and is now an honorary member. CEO of ONGAESHI
Holdings Co., Ltd.

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