Special Invitation Films

Shuji, a man who lives in a corner of a certain town in Nara Prefecture. He works at an inn and usually lives in secrecy, but He is doing work writing letters for people. He was once a member of a criminal syndicate. Because of that, he was arrested and sentenced to serve several years in prison. At that time, he received a letter from a girl and it changed his mind. Today, he received another request for a letter…

World Premiere
  • Director:Satoshi Uemoto
  • Japan
  • 2021
  • 30min.
  • color
  • -
  • Japanese
  • -


Screening Dates, Times, and Venues

Sep.20 (Tue.) 10:00-
Kinsho Hall

* Only if there are vacant seats, tickets are available at the door.

Guest Talk

Sep.20 (Tue.) 10:00~
After screening

Satoshi Uemoto
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