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When a teenager is killed by his classmate public attention intensifies through the media. The murderer’s mother becomes a public enemy overnight while the victim’s mother receives abundant sympathy. Yet, the truth reveals in this “Social Media Era” that both mothers have some tough decisions to make.

Japanese Premiere

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Director:Layla Zhuqing JI

  • Malaysia
  • 2020
  • 108min
  • Color
  • DCP
  • Chinese
  • JPN & ENG Sub.

Writer: Layla Zhuqing JI | Main Casts: Lu HUANG, as MEI, Remon LIM, as GU, Xianjun FU, as CHEN, Wilson HSU, as QIANMO, Kahoe HON, as GANGZI | Producer(s): Aron KOH, Nikki TOK, Ying YANG, Layla Zhuqing JI | Cinematographer: Eunsoo CHO | Sound: Sung Rok CHOI | Editor: Hsiao Yun KU | Production Designer: Wen Huel TOO | Music: Alexander ARNTZEN

World Premiere : Far East Film Festival Udine 2020

Born and raised in Shenyang, China and based in LA and China, Layla graduated from the Columbia University MFA Film program and Rowan University Radio/ TV/Film program. She speaks Chinese, English, and Korean and is a world traveler who currently works as a freelance filmmaker.

Director’s Statement

This film questions our surveillance society filled with cyberbullying, the oppression of public opinion, and the competitive education system in our modern society. This film, with the help of my international, diverse film crew, is a way to start a conversation about taboo topics.