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The Iranian director Ida Panahandeh is shooting a film in Tenri city in 2017.

At the Nara International Film Festival in 2016, her film NAHID was screened as an opening feature-length film in the competition genre. The film was awarded the Grand Prix (Golden Deer award) in the festival.

She visited Tenri to make field research in March 2017. After returning to Iran, she has been writing a scenario for the next film.

Her new film will be screened as a premier in the opening ceremony of the 5th Nara International Film Festival scheduled for September 2018.

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When we first visited Tenri, we felt as if we were just wandering around in a movie.

Director: Ida Panahandeh Screenwriter: Arsalan Amiri March 2017

We visited a lot of places in Tenri and heard from the local people, observed Hina dolls at an individual residence, and experienced Mochitsuki (pounding rice cake) on March 20th, which was the New Year of Iran.

We spent our days enjoying various Japanese culture.

We very much appreciate everyone who assisted our stay in Tenri.

The stuff is now making collaborative efforts under the director Ida to make the next film a great one.

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Please look forward to NARAtive 2018!

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