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The 63rd Robert Flaherty Film Seminar - FUTURE REMAINS
Programmer Nuno Lisboa
Report by Sayaka Mizuno, Nara International Film Festival Fellow

The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar was extraordinary and unforgettable.
First of all, watching 40 short and feature-length films during one week,
without respite. For me, the more days passed, the less I ate, satiated by the
images and the sounds. It did not necessarily mean that I appreciated every film
I saw. But this is the first time I watched - sometimes I forced myself to watch
- so many films from beginning to end in such a short term. It teaches me a lot
regarding both what I want to do and what I don't want to do.

What I found beautiful is also the experience of watching movies on big screen
with quality pictures and sound, which changes everything. I'm used to see
movies on small screens on my poor quality mac and in this seminar, I had the
feeling that the entire room, everybody was honoring the films, the directors,
the cinema in its precious aspect and that one must not lose; the displacement
of men in a dark room to admire, together, a work. I had the feeling that this
seminar wanted to keep this essential aspect of the cinema.

What I also remember is the enrichment of debates and discussions. And the
impact for my future work is to make movies that I like, films that I believe
in. There will necessarily be someone who will not like, who will have something
to complain about and that is normal but what stays in my mind is that each of
the directors who presented their films had to draw on themselves, on their
personality, their pain and their joy to create films. What particularly stays
in my mind is the wisdom of Peter Nestler, the mettle of Teddy Williams, the
grace of Filipa César, the passion of Vincent Carelli and the struggle of
Dominic Gagnon.

2. Fellowship experience
To be honest, I did not prepare myself for this fellowship experience. I
read some feedback but precisely because I did not have expectations, it was a
magical experience that I recommend to everyone who loves cinema. The Fellows
Program started with Fellows Screening, great Master Class with the director
Trinh T. Minh-ha and an interesting Curatorial Workshop. These first days with
only fellows was a great opportunity to know each other before the others
participants joined us. I met very nice persons during this week and I came back
home with a lot of memories and a lot of inspiration for my future work.
I sincerly thank Anita Reher, the seminar staff, Nuno Lisboa, Jason Livingston,
the fellows, the participants and a special thanks to Nara International Film


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