September 2017Tangerines / Mandariinid

A Soul-stirring, Heartwarming Film, Full of Human Nature beyond the Chain of Hate
Here occurs a "territorial" dispute about who will gain my tangerines.


Abkhazia is an autonomous republic in Georgia, an Estonian settlement where tangerines are cultivated. Most Estonians returned to their homeland upon the outbreak of war in the region between Georgia and Abkhazia. Meanwhile, two villagers, Ivo and Markus have stayed. Markus wants to harvest his tangerines, although Ivo, who makes wooden tangerine boxes as a job doesn't tell the reason why he continues to stay there. One day they take in two badly wounded soldiers: Achmed, a Chechen who supports Abkhazia, and Nika, a Georgian. Two soldiers are from opposite sides of the war. When they notice there is an enemy under one roof, there is a murderous urge between them. But Ivo makes it clear to them that they are not allowed to kill the other while they are in the house. They make a promise under the Caucasian practice to obey the owner of the house. A few days later, an Abkhazia platoon comes. . .


September 15(Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00

16(Sat) ★14:00/★18:00

17(Sun) 11:00/15:00

★Guest : Kojima Hiroko , This Film’s Japanese Subtitle Supervisor

Graduated from a regular course at Nisso Institute (present-day Tokyo Russian Language

Institute). Attended Moscow State University’s Russian teacher training seminar.

She is widely active as an interpreter, a translator and a writer in the areas such as film and


Translated book : Kirinonakanoharinezumi(Fukuinkan Shoten), Cheburashka and

Friends(Heibonsha), Dolce Yasashiku(Iwanami Shoten), Furanya and I(Tokuma Shoten),

Harunomezame(Studio Ghibli), etc.

Literary Works : Chekhovsangomennasai(Michitani, essay), Darenokuruma(Fukuinkan Shoten,

picture book) , etc.

Subtitled on a film : a collection of Norshteyn, a series of Cheburashka , etc

She is the winner of the Japan Picture Book Prize.


Nara Women’s University auditorium

※A carpark is not available


Adults:1000 yen

The citizens of Nara City:500 yen

Seniors(age 60 and above):500 yen

Students:500 yen

Disabled persons:500 yen

Care providers for disabled persons(One only):500yen

※In each case, please show identification

Ticket sales start 1 hour before the screening - first come first serve

Ticket valid for one screening only

※Cinematheque Members & Red Carpet Club Members : Unlimited access to Nara Cinematheque monthly screening


2013 / Estonia Georgia / Color / 87 minutes / Japanese subtitles

Director:Zaza Urushadze

Original title:Mandarinebi

Cast:Lembit Ulfsak, Elmo Nuganen, Giorgi Nakashidze, Misha Meskhi


Organizer:NPO Nara International Film Festival Committee

Supported by:Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Nara Women’s University

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