When a lonely boy meets "singing" and the "mentor" of life, his destiny changes.


Stet, raised in a fraught family situation often caused trouble. Day after day, he got into fights, but the truth was that he had an extraordinary talent for singing. One day he is told of being allowed into the prestigious American Boy Choir School. He meets a demanding choirmaster, Carvelle who was in charge of training and cultivating the boys in this school. He had begun his career as a choirmaster because his talents for singing wasn't recognized when he was younger, and he treats Stet, who is wasting his talents, harshly.

At first, Stet couldn't read the musical score, and often got bullied at the school, but gradually gets attracted to singing. Thereafter Stet is given a chance to sing a song by himself at the noble concert.


9(Fri) 10:00/14:00/19:00
10(Sat) 14:00/18:00
11(Sun) 11:00/15:00

※There will be 2 kinds of special concerts before the start of this movie as part of ‘musikfest NARA 2017’.

(musikfest NARA 2017 : Various types of concerts will be held in shrines, temples, museums, downtown cafes and hotels in Nara Prefecture. There will be also interactive family and concerts with no age limits. This event will comprise more than 300 performances held in about 100 different locations.)

NHK Nara Children’s Chore

― June 10 (Sat) 13:30 / 17:30

(It was first organized in NHK Nara Broadcasting Station with the cooperation of the board of education of Nara Prefecture and that of Nara City in April 1954. It has been active both domestically and abroad until today. It won a prize at an international competition, earning recognition from newspapers around the world.)

The film music concert given by the singer, Yoshida Tomoe and the pianist, Deki Ikuko

― June 11 (Sun) 14:30

(Yoshida Tomoe continues her music activities in her hometown, Nara. She will sing movie theme songs with her beautiful transparent voice. Deki Ikuko studied piano under Maeda Tazuko, and musical aesthetics under Negishi Kazumi while she worked as a dentist. She was selected as the second under the high level amateur pianist category in Ikaruga Music Competition 2015.)


Nara Women’s University auditorium

※Parking unavailable


Adults:1000 yen

The citizens of Nara City:500 yen

Seniors(age 60 and above):500 yen

Students:500 yen

Disabled persons:500 yen

Care providers for disabled persons(One only):500yen

※In each case, please show identification

Ticket sales start 1 hour before the screening - first come first serve

Ticket valid for one screening only

※Cinematheque Members & Red Carpet Club Members : Unlimited access to Nara Cinematheque monthly screening


2015 / America / Color / 103 minutes / Japanese subtitles

Director:Francois Girard

Cast:Dustin Hoffman, Garrett Wareing, Kathy Bates, Debra Winger, Josh Lucas, Eddie Izzard, Kevin McHale

Distributor in Japan:Asmik Ace

Organizer:NPO Nara International Film Festival Committee

Supported by:Nara Prefecture, Nara City, Nara Women’s University

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