• The intercultural film event between Thailand and Japan
  • Nara International Film Festival Symposium - Guest: Mr. Isamu Tatsuno (Montbell Chairman), Alex Kerr (Scholar)
  • Film screening, live performance, and talk show
  • Outdoor screening event + "beauty" premium talk show
  • Screening of kids movie + kids event
  • Outdoor screening of "SHARA" + dance performance
  • Shooting of NARAtive 2010 film "bion" & "Last Chestnuts"
  • September: The 1st Nara International Film Festival
  • March: NARAtive 2010 "BION" "Last Chestnut" Screening Event with Kaori Momoi & Naomi Kawase
  • April: Shooting of NARAtive2012 "Inori"
  • May: Announcing the concept of "3.11 A Sense of Home Films" at Cannes Film Festival
  • September: Screening of "3.11 A Sense of Home Films" at Kinpusenji Temple in Yoshino
  • September: PRE FIESTA 201
  • June: The Reconstructive Support Event for the Nara southern area in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo
  • April-July: Workshop with Hakuho junior high school in Katsuragi city, Nara
  • August: NARAtive 2012 "Inori" won the Golden Leopard Award at the 65 edition of the Locarno Film Festival
  • August: Workshop with Todaiji junior high school
  • August: NIFF 2012 Pre-event: Screening of "Suzaku" with Machiko Ono & Naomi Kawase
  • September: The 2nd Nara International Film Festival
  • November: NARAtive 2012 "Inori" won the Best Mexican Documentary at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia in Mexico
  • January: Supported a 16-year-old film maker to shoot his first short film "Kasabutatan"
  • April: Nara Cinematheque (monthly screening event) started. Guest: Kazuyuki Izutsu, Hirokazu Koreeda
  • August: NARAtive 2014 "FANTASIA" shooting
  • December: HEAD GENEVA UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN x NIFF 3-week workshop "Grand Voyage"
  • April: Nara Cinematheque (monthly screening event since 2013)
  • September: The 3rd Nara International Film Festival
  • April:Nara Cinematheque (monthly screening event since 2013)
  • June: NARAtive 2014 project "A Midsummer's Fantasia" was released in Korea, attracting over 35,000 audience in 3 months
  • September: The 3-day outdoor screening "Movies in the Park" held in Nara Park
  • December: The filmmaking workshop with the 5th graders at Doshisha International Academy Elementary School
  • April: Nara Cinematheque (monthly screening event since 2013)
    April: NARAtive 2016 "The Wolves of the East" shooting
  • September: The 4th Nara International Film Festival
  • April: Nara Cinematheque (monthly screening event since 2013)
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