3.11 A Sense of Home Films

311_1.gifPresented by the Nara International Film Festival Organizing Committee
In association with Yamagata International Documentary Film Fesitval & Sendai Short Film Festival

This is a film project dedicated to the victims of and the affected areas by the Tohoku Earthquake
that occured on March 3rd, 2011.
21 filmmakers/artists around the world voluntarily offered their films of 3min 11sec long which were specifically made for the project.
The 21 films are put together in one film in the length of 75min, titled "3.11 A Sense of Home Films".

<<Officially announced at Festival de Cannes / May 17 2011 >>
 <<Participating Filmmakers and Artists>> *21 filmmakers/artists around the world

-Victor Erice (Spain)
-Naomi Kawase (Japan)
-Jia Zhangke (China)
-Kaori Momoi (Japan) 
-Apichatong Weerasethakul(Thailand)
-Leslie Kee (Singapore)
-Isaki Lacuesta (Spain)
-Bong Joon Ho (Korea)
-Zhao Ye(China) *NARAtive 2010 Filmmaker
Toyoko Yamasaki (Japan) *NARAtive 2010 Filmmaker 
-Pedro Gonzalez Rubio (Mexico) *NARAtive 2011 Filmmaker
-Ariel Rotter (Argentine)
-Naguib Razak (Malaysia)
-Wisut Ponnimit (Thailand)
-So Yong Kim (Korea/USA)
-Jonas Mekas (Lithuania)
-Catherine Cadou (France)
-Steven Sebring (USA)
-Takushi Nishinaka (Japan)
-Shunji Dodo (Japan)
-Kazuhiro Soda (Japan)

On March 5th, 2012, part of the proceeds from the screenings up to now was donated to
"Forests Are Lovers of the Sea (Mori wa Umi no Koibito)',
a Non-Profit Organization based in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Total Amount of Donations: 1,000,000 JPY (approx. 12,279.5815 USD)

  The Th"I would like to nurture 3 different forests and leave them for the future. The first one is the forest we find in the
mountains. The second one is the forest we find in the sea. The last one is the forest we find in ourselves",
says Mr. Shigeatsu HATAKEYAMA, the leader of the NPO.  

We are hoping the donations will support, even a little, to nurture our forests in our minds and grow trees with your sincere feelings and wishes as the leaves.


Scheduled screenings of "3.11 A Sense of Home Films"

 The film was screened, and is scheduled to be screened at the following film festivals, events, and theaters:

****** For further information on screening the film, please contact us.



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